The alarming truth: hospital food DOES NOT support healing

medicalRecently, my husband’s brother experienced a mountain bike accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury. Through the countless hours and weeks my husband and I have spent sitting vigil with his wife, other family members and friends, we have watched doctors and nurses work tirelessly at helping heal his serious physical injuries. However, these medical professionals continue to neglect one crucial element – nutrition.

I took some time to look around at the food they were feeding their wards, these critically injured and sick individuals, and noticed with despair the plates lined with processed meat sandwiches on white bread, sugary canned fruit cocktail and jello, prepackaged nutrient void applesauce, white rice, instant potatoes, and broth made from salty bullion. All these foods provide calories, but little else.

When the body is in healing mode it needs powerhouse nutrients. I can’t help but wonder how the hospitals would improve healing rates by simply feeding their patients fresh whole plant-based foods that support each patient’s specific physiological needs. Read More