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Are doctors paralyzed when it comes to cancer treatments?

I recently learned about the Citizens Health Cancer bill SB. 117 which will be introduced into the California State legislative cycle this year or in 2016. The bill is supported by Frank Cuny who is Executive Director of California Citizens for Health Freedom.

Apparently, physicians across the United States can run the risk of losing their medical license if they recommend options outside of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery for treating cancer patients. Although there are many cases of cancer patients being cured through non-toxic, non-invasive treatments and diet, see Our Journey with Prostate Cancer – A Wife’s Perspective, there is a lack of funding for these alternatives since they can’t be patented like drugs and therefore do not provide a monetary incentive for research. Treating cancer patients with traditional methods is very lucrative for medical centers, doctors, drug companies, and insurance carriers. For example, it is estimated that up to 70% of an oncologist’s income comes from selling chemo drugs and services.

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