Low Glycemic Alkaline Food List

Many people have asked us for a list of foods that Stefan ate while battling his prostate cancer. Our main focus in curing his cancer was to deny the cancer what it loves (sugar and acid) and boost the immune system (eating fresh foods high in nutrients, avoiding all processed foods, and taking supplements prescribed by a cancer nutritionist). Food became a tool for healing. The following list was created after many hours of research. For more information about Stefan’s experience, please read Our Journey with Prostate Cancer.

(Download the Low Glycemic Alkaline Food List.)

Fats Fruit
Grains Greens Protein Spices Vegetables Drinks
avocado lemon buckwheat groats (raw) arugula almonds apple cider vinegar asparagus decaffeinated green tea
coconut (fresh and oil) limes millet bok choy Brazil nuts basil beets lemon water
nuts (see “protein”) oats cabbage edamame cayenne pepper bell peppers (red/orange) organic Rooibos Tea
olive oil quinoa chard hemp chili powder broccoli  soy milk (unsweetened)
pumpkin seeds
sesame seeds
split peas
sunflower seeds
hemp seed foods
cilantro carrots
lettuce cinnamon cauliflower
mustard cumin celery
spinach curry chives
wheat grass dill cucumber
fennel seed jicama
garlic leeks
ginger onions
oregano peas
paprika sprouts (all kinds)
parsley zucchini
sea salt


Note: Fruit and starches are not included in this list. Denying the cancer sugar was a crucial element in Stefan’s healing process, even natural sugars. Once we were confident that Stefan’s cancer was eliminated, we began to slowly re-introduce starch and natural sugars back into his diet.

This list was developed by Kathy Parnay. It is always important to consult your physician and/or nutritionist before attempting any major diet changes.

-September 2015