energy hands

Energy Healing

We are energy beings.

Everything in the universe is made of energy. Our cells are made up of atoms, which continuously attract and give off light and energy and vibrate at a certain frequency. Even your thoughts and emotions are made of energy. See How your thoughts and emotions influence your health. When we are happy, healthy and filled with positive emotions like love and joy, our cells are vibrating at their optimal frequency.

But most of us are constantly exposed to negative energy that lowers our vibration. This can come from people we associate with, disturbing news stories, stress at work, poor diet, addictions, environmental toxins and especially our own negative belief systems. If you are like most people, by the time you are in your early twenties (source: Caroline Cory), you have had years of programming your cells with thoughts like, “I am not wanted,” “I am responsible for my parents’ divorce,” “I don’t fit in,” “I’m confused about my life purpose,” and “I’m not good enough”. These outside influences, sustained negative emotions and misaligned belief systems can create blocks that get registered in our energy field (EF) and bodies, lower our vibration and damage the DNA in our cells. Over time, this can lead to disease.

Energy healers help their clients heal themselves by assisting them in raising their vibration, releasing blocks that are the root cause of disease and restoring their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. How does it work?

Through resonance, two systems that are oscillating at different frequencies will transfer energy from one to the other. And through entrainment, two systems that are vibrating at different frequencies will align and eventually vibrate at the same frequency. In energy healing, such as the Quantum-Touch modality, the practitioner will raise their vibration through breathing and meditation. When they place their hands on their client or perform distance healing, the client’s body will receive the energy (resonance) and their vibration will increase (entrainment). The practitioner is also bringing in life-force energy, or Universal-Source energy, which is unconditional love. This life-force energy is called by many names, “Chi” by Chinese, “Ki” by Japanese, “Prana” by Yogis, and “Mana” by Hawaiians. According to Richard Gordon, in his book Quantum Touch, the Power to Heal, “Love is a universal vibration… and is the foundation of all healing and the core essence of the life-force.” By relaxing, releasing blocks, raising your vibration and absorbing Universal-Source energy, self-healing can occur.

-November 2016